Mychael Lee has been creating art since the age of three, and has been inspired since early childhood
to combine people with flora and fauna in ways that inspire the observer to reflect on the connection
between humans and the surrounding world.  He combines his admiration for the strength of character
inherent in tree forms with the erotic and unhindered free nature of sensual beings.

Mychael uses his art as a reminder to people of their organic ties to the world; to reflect both in each other
in a single image.
  In addition to his more arboreal works of art, Mychael finds inspiration in his dreams and visions and creates imagery to evoke cathartic insight and reflection.  While mostly self-taught, he has garnered education from many art institutions, classes and peers nationwide.  In addition to his original dreamscape art, he is sought after for many projects including book illustrations, murals, portraits and business logos.